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This file can be used to create an agenda of company training. The template shows a detailed sample agenda of a tree-day training held by a company. It can be applied by any kind of companies, small or large after a little change. The agenda mainly consists of two parts, some instructions on the agenda making and the task and timetable every day. The first part makes the reader know the objectives of the training and the reason of every arrangement in the following days. In the second part, it lists the tasks in time order, detailed and clear. If you are trying to create an agenda for training, the template can be a good reference.

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3-Day Training Agenda Template
Your specialized program or series of workshops must be a minimum of three days long to ensure that
participants understand and master new skills. Only participants who complete a minimum of three days
will receive an Advanced Sales & Marketing Training course completion certification.
Our 3-Day Training Agenda Template and Training Objectives and Course Modules (see separate document)
give you the power and flexibility to meet your top producers development needs — and achieve your
organizations business goals. Now you can create advanced training programs for your top producers that
Include at least 18 critical training modules
Effectively utilize at least 9 hours per day / 27 hours over three days (including lunch and
twice-daily breaks)
Re-charge and motivate your top producers, improving their productivity and confidence!
Recommended Module Selection Process
1. Company training head determines the training objectives based on organizational goals and needs.
2. Company training head examines all of the course modules for those objectives listed on Training
Objectives and Course Modules.
3. Company training head selects the most appropriate modules and places a check mark for each in the
“Check” column on Training Objectives and Course Modules.
4. Company staff record the module Code numbers and names in the 3-Day Training Agenda Template.
Please ensure that the modules, lunch break, breaks, and end-of-day summary total at least 550 minutes
per day.
5. The company may incorporate more role plays or discussion sessions on certain critical topics/skills.
6. If needed, the company may build a training program that is longer than three days.
Optimal Class Size
The optimal class size is no more than 30 participants. This provides each student with enough time to
learn, practice, and acquire the new skill sets.
Optimal Planning
A three-day agenda with six (6) modules per day.
3-Day Training Agenda Template
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