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RESUME 3D Artist/Modeler - Designer
Dan Platt Tel. 818-887-2585
5134 Oakdale Ave. Fax. 818-887-5578
Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Email: [email protected]
Skilled, experienced and versatile 3D professional with nearly 20 years of combined experience using digital and traditional media.
Worked as a staff artist and as an independent designer. Extensive background in the digital/traditional arts including character
design, toy and product design, cutting edge medical animation and web based solutions. Self motivated, innovative, adapts quickly
to new solutions and works well under pressure - meeting all challenging and mission critical deadlines. Obsessed with creative
challenges beckoning 3d solutions. Seeks professional and freelance opportunities in 3D design.
Digital and traditional 3D character and prop modeling Photorealistic texturing & rendering Digital and traditional pattern
development • Human and “un-human” anatomical expert • Character modeling, maquettes & style guides • Mock ups • 2D Illus-
tration & Design • Maya • Lightwave 3D Electric Image Un iverse Pai nter3D Ph otoshop I llustra tor
QuarkXpress InDesign After Effects Final Cut Express MS Word/Ofce Golive 6 Red Hat Linux MAC OSX 10.3,
MAC OS 9.2.2 and Windows 2000/XP
I, Robot - Modeled and developed the design of the NS5 robot under Patrick Tatopoulis using Maya and Lightwave 3D
Star Wars Trilogy - Created the Star Wars Trilogy movie poster to represent the latter three lms for Lucas Film.
Digital Hero Award - Designed, developed and manufactured the Digital Hero for 3D Festival, Sweden.
Merck Medicus - Conceptualized, designed and developed the Merck Medicus 3D icon.
Terminator 2 - Created a motion controlled puppet of Arnold Schwarzeneggar in “T2” – the special effects received an
Academy Award
Digital Hall of Fame - Distinguished member and recipient
Merck - Listed as a “Merck Preferred Vendor” for 3D medical animation, 3D illustration and educational products
MEDICAL: Designed & manufactured medical 3D models, animations & visuals for Merck & Co, Inc., Abbot Labs,
Corbett Healthcare, National Comprehensive Cancer Network
• CD4 Cell physician/patient model • Singulair physician/patient lung model • Crixivan medical poster • Medicus logo
• Crixivan HIV mechanism of action booklet and slide series • HIV level of potency animation • Medicus intro animation
• Promotional Medicus key chain • Promotional Medicus ergo computer mouse • CD4 Cell model box art
GAME ANIMATICS & MODELS: Created and designed digital/traditional models for the Arcade and Game industry
Vivendi Universal: 3D box art illustration for Dark Ages of Camelot, DAoC Gold Edition, Predator (2002 to 2004)
• Blizzard Entertainment: Action gure character design, creation and manufacturing (1999 - 2002)
• vTorque: Character modeling for MotoXXX, Lu Vampyr game animatics (2002 to 2004)
Atari Games: Character design and model construction for Primal Rage and Area 51 (1993 - 1995)
3D Misc: Various, recent digital modeling projects (2003 - 2004)
• Lightsport™ (product modeling) • Somerset Ent. (anatomical modeling for box art) • Master Replicas (product modeling)
Asylum (box art) • Mattel (Action gures and accessories)
3D Artist Resume
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