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FKKS: 200571.1
As of __________, 2003
Attention: ____________________
Ladies and Gentlemen:
This will set forth the terms and conditions on which you agree to engage us and
we agree to serve as your exclusive advertising agency in the United States.
We are available to provide to you, at your request, the following services in
connection with your advertising efforts:
(a) Formulate and submit for your approval advertising campaigns and
(b) After approval by you, create and prepare advertising for all consumer and
trade print, broadcast, and outdoor media.
(c) Plan media commitments consistent with budgeted and approved funds
and support these media commitments with advertising strategy and rationales and
submit detailed media cost estimates.
(d) Purchase all materials and services necessary for the production of
finished advertisements and commercials.
(e) Execute advertising in finished form.
(f) Order advertising space and time or other means for transmitting your
advertising and forward advertising material to media with proper instructions.
(g) Look after necessary checking of advertisements and publications for
appearance, date, position, size, and mechanical reproduction.
(h) Pay all charges incurred and assumed by us on your behalf.
Advertising Agency Contract Template
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