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Betty-Janet: Brown avers the following as being the immutable law of this land respecting her
own rights, liberty and property;
Be it known to all governments, government sub divisions, courts, and other parties, that I,
Betty-Janet: Brown am a natural, freeborn Sovereign Ohioan in possession of the birthright as
described in 4 Wheat 402 as quoted by Bouvier’s 14
edition law dictionary as it describes
individual American sovereignty and Hale vs. Henkel as it describes the nature of Citizens of the
several States. I am neither subject to any entity anywhere, nor is any entity subject to me. I
neither dominate anyone, nor am I dominated. I am expressly not a United States citizen
residing in Ohio as comprehended by the 14
Amendment to the Constitution of the United
States of America or the equivalent as represented in the contemporary Ohio Constitutions. No
federal or state declaration regarding the status of my nature can alter that fact without
diminishing my individually held rights without my consent and without injuring me. I do not
consent. I state here that I am of age of majority and competent and knowledgeable of the
following facts and law sufficient to assert this affidavit.
The nature of my status in America is described at 4 Wheat 402 as cited by Bouvier’s 14
edition in definition of ‘Sovereignty”, to wit;
Bouvier's 14th edition Law Dictionary (quoting from 4 Wheat, 402): "It has been justly thought
a matter of importance to determine from what source the United States derives its authority...
the question here proposed is whether our bond of union is a compact entered into by the states,
or whether the Constitution is an organic law established by the People. To this we answer: We
The People ... ordain and establish this Constitution" ... the government of the state had only
delegated power (from the People) and even if they had an inclination, they had no authority to
transfer the authority of the Sovereign People. The people in their capacity as Sovereigns
made and adopted the Constitution; and it binds the state governments without the state's
consent. The United States, as a whole, therefore, emanates from the People and not from the
states, and the Constitution and laws of the states whether made before or since the adoption of
that Constitution of the United States, are subordinate to the United States Constitution and the
laws made in pursuance of it. The people are the Fountain of sovereignty. The whole was
originally with them as their own. The state governments are but trustees acting under a
derived authority, and had no power to delegate what is not delegated to them. But the
Affidavit of Truth of Citizenship Status
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