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The Apartment Lease Agreement is a document that you can download to fill in when you decide to rent an apartment from others or when you want to rent out your spare apartments. This file will protect both parties in case any dispute issue occurs in the future because almost all the common issues are covered in the file as well as their solving measures. One should sign the file only when he totally agrees with the entire written lease document.

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Apartment Lease Agreement
The Landlord and Tenant agree to lease the Apartment for the Term and at the rent stated on these terms:
LANDLORD: TENANT: ________________________________________________
Address for Notices: ________________________________________________
Apartment (and terrace, if any) _______________________________at __________________________________________________________________
Lease date: Term __________________________________ Yearly Rent $_______________________
__________________________________20____ beginning _________________________20___ Monthly Rent $ _______________________
ending ____________________________20___ Security $ _______________________
1. USE: Key Deposit $_______________________
The Apartment must be used only as a private Apartment to live in and for no other reason. Only a party signing this Lease and those persons listed on the
rental application shall have right to the leased premises.
The rent payment for each month must be paid by the first day of that month at Landlord’s address. Landlord need not give notice to pay the rent. Rent
must be paid in full and no amount subtracted from it. The first month’s rent is to be paid when Tenant signs this Lease. Tenants may be required to pay other charges
to the Landlord under the terms of this Lease. They are to be called “added rent”. This added rent is payable as rent, together with the next monthly rent due. If
Tenant fails to pay the added rent on time. Landlord shall have the same rights against Tenant as if Tenant failed to pay rent.
Tenant agrees to pay a $25.00 late charge if rent is not received by the 5
of each month, at the office of Landlord or other such place as Landlord may
designate, and a sum of $1 per day until rent is paid. Late charges are deemed additional rent.
It is hereby understood that the premises are leased for the total value of the yearly lease term, or any subsequent renewal thereafter, and the payment of rent
in monthly installments is for the convenience of Tenant only. If Tenant defaults, Landlord may give notice to Tenant that Tenant may no longer pay rent in
installments. The entire rent for the remaining part of the Term will then be due and payable.
The Landlord may collect a fee of $35.00 if a check is not honored for payment (bounces). This charge is in addition to the regular monthly rent payable by
the Tenant. Return check charges are deemed additional rent.
Landlord shall not be liable for failure to give Tenant possession for the Apartment on the beginning date of the Term. Rent shall be payable as of the
beginning of the date possession is available. Landlord will notify Tenant as to the date possession is available. The ending date of the term will not change.
If the rent is increased Tenant shall deliver to the Landlord, on or before the effective date of such increase, as additional security, a sum equal to the
monthly increase.
If the Tenant does not pay rent on time, Landlord may use the security to pay for rent past due. If Tenant fails to perform any other term in this Lease.
Landlord may use the security for payment of money Landlord may spend, or damages Landlord suffers because of Tenant’s failure. If the Landlord uses the security
Tenant shall, upon notice from Landlord, send to Landlord an amount equal to the sum used by Landlord. At all times Landlord is to have the amount of security
stated above.
If Tenant fully performs all terms of this Lease, pays rent on time and leaves the Apartment in good condition on the last day of the Term, then Landlord will
return the security deposit being held.
If Landlord sells or leases the Building, Landlord may give the security to the buyer or lessee. In that event, Tenant will look only to the buyer or lessee for
the return of the security. The security is for Landlord’s use as stated in this Section. Landlord may put the security in any place permitted by law. If the law states
the security must bear interest, unless the security is used by Landlord as stated. Landlord will give Tenant the interest less the sum Landlord is allowed to keep for
expenses. If the law does not require security to bear interest, Tenant will not be entitled to it. Landlord need not give Tenant interest on the security deposit if Tenant
is not fully performing any term in this Lease. The security deposit referred to in this paragraph is deemed additional rent.
If two or more Tenants execute this Lease, their liability is joint and several.
Tenant represents that the Apartment shall be occupied only by tenant and such other persons listed and approved on the application submitted in connection
with this lease, for living purposes only. Tenant further represents that neither Tenant nor any member of Tenant’s family, nor any guest or other person invited or
permitted into the Apartments by tenant, shall use or occupy premise or any part thereof including the common areas of the building or buildings of the project, and
also including any portion of the ground of the project, or allow same to be used or occupied for the unlawful trade, manufacture, distribution, storage, and/or sale of
Apartment Lease Agreement
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