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Consult your lawyer before signing this lease © 2004 The Judicial Title
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Landlord and Tenant agree to lease the Premises at the rent and for the term stated:
Date of Lease:
Annual Rent: $
Lease Term: Monthly Rent: $
Commencement Date: Security Deposit: $
Termination Date:
1. Use and Occupancy
The Unit ma y only be used stri ctly for re sidential
purposes a nd may only be occupi ed by Tenant and
Tenant’s spouse and children.
2. Inability to Give Possession
The failure of Landlo rd to give Tenant possession of
the Unit on t he Comme ncement Date shall not create
liability for Landlord. In the event that possession of the
Unit is n ot delivere d on the Co mmencement Date,
Monthly Ren t hereun der shall b egin on the date that
possession of the Unit is delivered to Tenant and shall be
prorated for that portion of the month in which possession
is delivered.
3. Rent
Tenant shall pay Monthly Rent in full on the first d ay
of each month of the Lease. Monthly Rent shall b e paid
in advance with no n otice being required from Landlord.
Tenant shall not deduct any su ms from the Monthly Rent
unless Landlord consents thereto in writing.
Upon signing this Lea se, Tenant shall pay Landlord
the first Monthly Rent due and the Security Deposit. The
entire amount of rent due for the Lease Term is due upon
signing this Lease; ho wever, Landl ord con sents to the
Tenant payin g same i n monthly in stallments p rovided
there exists no defaults by Tenant under the terms of this
Additional Rent may include, but is not limited to any
additional insurance premiums and/or expenses p aid by
Landlord whi ch a re chargeable to T enant a s stated
hereinafter. Additional Re nt is due and payable with the
Monthly Rent for the next month afte r Tena nt re ceives
notice form Landl ord tha t Additional Rent is d ue and
4. Condition of Unit
Tenant a cknowledges tha t Tenant is accepting the
Unit in it s “as is” co ndition. Ten ant furthe r
acknowledges that Ten ant has tho roughly inspe cted the
Unit an d ha s found the Unit to be in good o rder and
repair an d that the appl iances, if a ny, are in good
operating condition. Ten ant further st ates that Te nant
knows how to operate the appliances and shall do so in
accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
5. Security
The Security Deposit is due upon the Tenant signing
this Le ase. The Se curity Dep osit shall not be u sed for
the payment of Monthly Rent unle ss agreed to, in writing,
by Landl ord and T enant. Landlo rd shall deposit the
Security Deposit in a bank insured by the FDIC and same
will accrue interest if mandated by law. Within ten (10)
days after T enant surren ders po ssession of the Unit at
the expiratio n of the Lease Te rm, La ndlord sh all return
the Security Dep osit, le ss any cost of rep airs as
authorized by this Lease, to Tenant at an address Tenant
6. Services and Utilities
Tenant i s re sponsible f
or paying all electri
c, ga s,
water, tele ph
one a nd any other utilitie s allo cated to the
Unit. Use o f a dishwash er, clothe s wash er an d dryer
machines, freezer, ai r purifier, port able h eater, air
conditioner o r simila r ap pliances is prohibited wi thout
Landlord’s written consent.
Landlord will supply (a) heat, in such quantity and for
such time as mandated by law, (b) hot and cold water, (c)
air conditioning, if already existing in the Unit, (d) garbage
removal fro m the Prem ises (the “Services”). If the
Services a re temporarily i nterrupted due to an accident,
emergency and/or re pairs, Te nant’s obligation to pay
rent, in full, shall not be affected thereby.
Landlord will also su pply a refrigerator, stove/oven,
dishwasher, window air conditionin g unit, clothes washer
and clothes dryer (the “Appliances”). Any damage t o the
Appliances which is caused by the willful and/or negligent
acts of Te nant may be repaired by Landlord, the cost of
which shall be Additional Rent.
7. Furnishings
The Unit is being delivered (furnished) (unfurnished).
If furnish ed, Landl ord h as give n an inventory o f the
furnishings which inve ntory has be en signed by Te nant
and L andlord. Tenan t ackno wledges th at said
furnishings a re in goo d condition a nd Tenant a ccepts
same in “as is” condition.
8. Repairs and Alterations
Tenant shall maintain al l applia nces, equip ment,
furniture, fu rnishings a nd oth er p ersonal p roperty
included under this Lease and, upon th e surrender of the
Unit on the Termination Date, Ten ant shall surrender
same to Landlord i n the same condition a s re ceived,
reasonable wear and tear excepted. T enant shall make
all repairs which become necessary due to Tenant’s acts
and/or n egligence. If Tenant do es not make such
repairs, Land lord may do so, the cost of which sh all be
Additional Rent. In the event that Tena nt defaults u nder
the term s of this P aragraph 9, La ndlord may m ake
necessary repairs or replacement, the cost of whi ch shall
be deducted from the Security Deposit.
Tenant shall not make any alteratio ns, additio ns,
modifications and/o r changes to the Unit du ring the
Lease Term.
9. Maintenance of Unit
Tenant sh all maintain the Unit in a neat, clean and
presentable condition.
10. Pets
Pets of any kind or nat ure (shall) (shall not) be
allowed in the Unit.
11. Damage, Fire or Other Catastrophe
In the case of fire damag e or othe r da mage to the
Unit n ot cau sed by Te nant, Tena nt shall give Lan dlord
immediate notice of same. Upon receipt of such n otice,
Landlord may either (a) repair th e Uni t or (b ) termi nate
Apartment Lease Sample
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