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Apartment Rental Application is an application made by the renter to apply for the right of using premises. This file includes several sections: section 1 is apartment for which you are applying, section 2 is applicant information, section 3 is applicant financial information, and section 4 is guarantor information. At the ending of the file, the applicant should declare that all the information he provides in the file is true and correct. The applicant should sign his name at the bottom of the file.

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NEW YORK, NY 10016
(212) 686-5252 TEL
(212) 779-1672 FAX
Mr., Mrs., Ms.: __________________ _________________ ___________________ Date: __________
First Middle Last
SECTION 1: Apartment For Which You Are Applying
Building address: ___________________________________ Apartment number: ____________
Rent per month: __________________ Security: ______________
Dates of Occupancy: From: ___________________ To: ____________________
SECTION 2: Applicant Information
Date of Birth: ____/____/_______ Social Security Number: ____________________________
Driver’s license number: __________________________ State: ________________________
Passport number (if not a U.S. Citizen): ________________ Issuing Country: __________Type: ________
Present home address: ___________________________________________________________________
City________________________ State______ Zip__________ Email_____________________________
Home phone: _________________Work phone: __________________ Cell phone: __________________
How long at present address? ______ Leaseholder: _______________(If different from applicant)
Landlord or Property Manager: _____________________________ Phone: ________________________
Landlord address: ______________________________________________________________________
Applicant Previous Home address: __________________________________________________
City_____________________ State_______ Zip__________
How long at previous address? _______ Leaseholder: ______________________ (If different from applicant)
SECTION 3: Applicant Financial Information
Employer: _______________________________ Address: ______________________________________
City____________________ State__________ Zip_____________
Position/title: __________________________ Supervisor: _________________________________
Apartment Rental Application
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