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The Application for McDonald's Employment is a file used by people who intend to find a job in McDonald. To make a useful application form is essential in the job-seeking process. Generally three four parts are included in an application form, they are the general information, education background and employment history. If you are interested in the position in McDonalds, you can download this template for free and print out for further use. You can also download and modify to create a customized application form based on your needs.

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This independent McDonald’s franchise is an equal opportunity employer
committed to a diverse and inclusive work force.
Name _____________________________________________________________ Number____________________________
First Middle Init. Last
Address _____________________________________________________________________ Phone ____________________
Street Apt./Suite# City State Zip
How long
at this Previous How long
address?_____________ address ______________________________________________________________ there? ______
Position you are
applying for____________________ Location of restaurant you would like to work at ________________________
Date available Referred Do you have transportation
for work _________________________ by ________________________________________ to work? YES NO
Are you legally authorized to work Are you willing to transfer/
in the United States? YES NO relocate? YES NO
If so, geographic preference___________________________________________
Are you willing to Do you have a relative in
travel? YES NO the employ of McDonald’s?
YES NO If yes, who? _______________________________________
Have you ever been If so, when Position held:
employed by McDonald’s and where last Crew Staff
before? YES NO employed?______________________________________ Management
Did you
School Name, City and State (Yes/No) Degree/Courses G.P.A.
High School
Graduate School
©2004 McDonald’s Corporation CS-5066 U.S. Rev. 1/04 (Licensee)
Hiring Manager: Detach and file separately
This independently owned and operated McDonald’s organization is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse work
force. In order to assist us in our efforts, we invite you to voluntarily provide responses to the following requests for information.
Failure to respond will not subject you to adverse treatment. This form shall be kept confidential and will not be retained with your
application. Information provided will be used only in accordance with the law and for equal opportunity purposes.
Male American Indian (1) White (4)
Female Hispanic (2) Black (5)
Asian American (3)
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Application for McDonald's Employment
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