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Appointment of an agent
An agent is someone who can act for you when dealing with the Ministry of Social
Development (Work and Income, Senior Services and Housing Assessment).
You can choose either a person or an organisation to be your agent.
You are responsible for choosing your agent and for anything they do for you, so it is
important that you are careful about who you choose as an agent.
You need to think about:
how long you have known the person
if you trust them to always do the best thing for you
if they will always tell you what they are doing for you.
Remember, you can stop this person or organisation being your agent at any time.
They can also stop being your agent if they wish, but they need to talk about this with
you first. If this happens, you will need to work with us yourself or appoint another
For any changes to your agent call us at Work and Income on 0800 559 009 or Senior
Services on 0800 552 002.
You decide what your agent can do for you.
You may want your agent to be able to:
access your personal information
receive your mail, or
deal with Work and Income, Senior Services and Housing Assessment for you
deal with social housing providers when they have a property that might be suitable for you.
If you have an agent, it does not mean that they will receive your benefit or pension
payments. However, this can sometimes happen if there is a good reason.
Please fill in a redirection of benefit payment form if you want part or all of your benefit
or pension paid to your agent or another person or organisation.
Choosing an
What your
agent can do
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Appointment of an Agent Form
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