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Marketing Your Work
A resume is your first opportunity to “sell” your work and
experience to an architecture or design firm. Most summer
internships and intern architect positions will require a
resume and cover letter, as well as work sample pages. Your
resume should highlight the key projects and experiences
that best represent the skills you will need for the desired
Basic Resume Content
Avoid making your resume too complicated or lengthy; it
should be easy to read and show off the style of your work.
Headings for Resume Sections:
z Personal Contact Information
List your name, address, phone number, and email.
Your email address should be professional and
include your name. You may also include your personal
Web site, if it professionally showcases your work.
z Education
Begin with the most recent degree you are pursuing
or have earned. Include the institution, degree you
will earn, your major(s) and minor(s), month and year
of completion, and location with city and state. List
additional degrees in reverse chronological order.
Additional educational experiences may also be listed
in this section, including study abroad and other
academic programs.
z Professional Experience
List any professional experience relating to your field,
such as summer internships at architecture or
construction firms. Discuss the kinds of projects
you’ve worked on, such as education or healthcare.
List presentations you gave or contributed to,
client meetings you attended as an intern, or the
specifics on your work in a design library.
z Skills
Within your resume, create a detailed skills section.
Brainstorm and add skills such as design, hand
sketching, rendering, schematics and model building.
Be sure to highlight your soft skills like customer
service, communication, and teambuilding.
Construction and carpentry skills are often a plus.
Include your experience with computer hardware and
software applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe
software, Microsoft and others. You can include your
background in sustainable design, green building,
museum, art history and graphic arts.
z Awards & Honors
You can also create an Awards & Honors section that
could include awards/prizes from design competitions,
GPA, and on-campus leadership activities and positions.
Depending on your level of experience, you could list
studio projects in a separate Selected Accomplishments
section to add to the information you are presenting.
Crafting a Creative Resume
Consider the overall look of your resume. You may want to
incorporate an artistic element to your resume that showcas-
es your skills as a designer. Your resume can be more
design-oriented than a typical business resume, but should
include the same basic elements.
z Use a Sans Serif font such as Arial and be sure to
make it large enough to read easily.
z Design your own "letterhead" to showcase your
design skills. You dont need to create your own logo,
but do use your creative abilities to make your
presentation unique.
z In some cases, small images of your work can be
used to make your resume stand out.
z Your "letterhead" should be used on all of your
marketing materials including your cover letter,
resume, thank you letter, and sample work pages.
z Your entire application package may be 4-5 pages;
your letterhead will insure that your name and contact
information is on every page.
z In many cases, you may be submitting your application
via email or the Web. When designing your materials,
including sample pages, make sure your files are small
enough to pass through the email file size filter. These
filters are often set at 3 MB (3,000KB), at the most.
Showcasing Your Work
In addition to your resume, you should also create a one or
two-page work sample document to showcase your skills. A
huge benefit of using work sample pages is that they are a
cost-effective way to showcase your work to many employ-
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