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A sublease agreement is a legal document used to sublease some property to another renter. Arizona Sublease Agreement Form is to sublet real property according to the terms specified in the file. This file is used only when the sublessor agrees to sublet and the subtenant agrees to take the premises described in the agreement. Both parties should agree to keep, perform, and fulfill the promises, conditions and agreements expressed in the sublease.

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This sublease agreement, entered into this, the _____ day of ___________ , 20____ is made
between a person (Hereinafter referred to as Sublessee”) renting property from a person
(Hereinafter referred to as Lessee”) and the Lessor for the period beginning and ending on for
the premises located at Apt ______, City of ___________ County, _______________. The
parties agree to the following:
1. Sublessee shall pay as rent for the period to the total sum of $___________ as rent for the
term, in installments of $___________ due to the Lessee.
2. Lessee is responsible and shall pay the remainder of the rent for the term in installments of
$___________ due to the Landlord.
3. Sublessee shall pay a damage deposit of $___________ on or before ___________,
20___________ to Lessee.
4. A joint inspection of the premises shall be conducted by Lessee and Sublessee, recording in
writing, with copies for both Lessee and Sublessee, any damage or deficiencies that exist as the
start of the sublease period. Lessee shall be liable for the cost of any cleaning or repair to correct
damages found at the time of this inspection. Sublessee shall be liable for the cost of any
cleaning or repair to correct damages found at the end of the sublease period if not recorded on
the inventory made at the start of the sublease period, normal wear excepted.
5. The damage deposit paid by Sublessee shall be refunded to Sublessee by Lessor Lessee, less
costs for actual damages, no later than 20_____.
6. Sublessee further agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the original lease, except for the
rent and deposit provided therein.
7. Landlord, by signing below, consents to this sublease agreement and agrees that Sublessee
shall not be evicted for reason of breach of the lease or sublease agreement by the original
8. Additional agreements:
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Arizona Sublease Agreement Form
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