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Two pages maximum. For team applications, include résumés for all team members.
Contact Information:
At the top of each page, include your name, address, phone number and email address.
Use 8.5 x 11” white paper for easy reproduction.
: List all academic degrees earned. Also include periods of study at schools or universities attended
without completing a degree.
Professional Experience
Commissions – List commissions with details including the project or artwork title, location, commissioning
agency, project partners, project budget and date of completion.
Exhibitions – List the title of the exhibition, the exhibition space, and the city and state where the exhibition
was presented. You may want to indicate if it was a solo show, group show, juried exhibition, or invitational
exhibition, etc.
Collections – List private collections, corporate collections, permanent public collections, etc. You may want
to ask permission to list a private owner of your work.
Experience – You may also consider listing experience that is relevant to your professional art making career
including teaching, technical experience, residencies and lectures.
Honors, Awards & Grants
– List honors and awards, grants or other recognition of merit.
– A bibliography is a record of material about you including articles, catalogues, and interviews,
etc. It may also list the inclusion of your artwork in books, magazines, newspapers, and catalogues.
Professional Affiliations
– List the professional organizations, national, regional, and local, to which you belong.
Work Samples
In our selection panel process artist slide portfolios are reviewed and an initial selection of semi-finalists made
interviews are conducted. Your work is your introduction to the selection panel, so make sure the images
you choose fully represent your artwork. For tips on image formatting, download Image Formatting & Editing
from our Learn Library > In Print > Best Practices documents.
Artist Resume Sample
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