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Authorization Letter to Marketing Agent
Peter Dinklage,
Joshua Marketing Agency,
4-Timothy tower, P Street, Putney
Date: 3
March 2014
Subject: giving authorization to marketing agent
Respected Mr.Dinklage
I, Robert Pattinson, the Vice president of Kelly Brooks Organisation am writing this letter so as
to respond to your marketing plan for our company. We received the plan on 1
March 2014 and
were impressed with your marketing design and proposal for our upcoming project in London.
We would like to inform you that through this letter, we give Mr. Jack Donalds, your marketing
agent full authorization to carry out his/her duties and responsibility, as agreed upon by both
parties. We hope and believe that Mr. Donalds will make good use of this authorization and
perform as per expectations.
As per the terms of the contract, we shall be paying the marketing salary to the agent after the
completion of the project, as and how decided and agreed. We would also at the same time like
to remind you that this is a non-disclosure agreement and Mr. Donalds, in no way is allowed to
reveal or disclose any information about Kelly Brooks Organisation to a third party or person.
Looking forward to working with you,
Thanking you,
Robert Pattinson
Authorization Letter To Marketing Agent
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