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Joey Taylor
21 Lonas Drive  Knoxville, TN 66635  (009) 999-9119 Email
• 9+ year’ progressive experience as an auto Mechanic
• Highly skilled in troubleshooting and repairing of gas, diesel and alternate fuel vehicles
• Hands on experience in adjusting and replacing engines and other parts within automobiles
• Certified in brakes, engine repair, front end steering and suspension.
• In depth knowledge of principles of internal combustion engines, tools and equipment used
• Proficient in interpreting repair manuals and instruction sheets
• Possess high level of technical and troubleshooting abilities
• Ability to work with advanced tools and equipment
• Able to lift up to 50lbs
• Excellent communications skills in written and verbal English and French
• Completed preventive maintenance procedures on all vehicles of State Affairs in record time
for the annual race
• Introduced a new system to determine automobile engine problems and suggested
troubleshooting procedures
• Accomplished routine pre-emptive maintenance, increased effectiveness by 30%
• Scheduled and maintained records of vehicles and equipment, decreased retrieval time by
Ford Time Motors Knoxville, TN (February 2005 Present)
Auto Mechanic
Perform routine and anticipatory maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment
• Clean and maintain vehicles
• Order parts for vehicles
• Troubleshoot and repair all types of problems
• Schedule and maintain history records of all vehicles
• Ensure all safety systems are in check before performing any procedure
Diploma: City High School | Knoxville, TN2004
Auto Mechanic Resume Template
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