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Wonder Weeks Chart: How The WonderWonder Weeks Chart
Weeks Affect Baby and Toddler Sleep
By Emily DeJeu
If you’re a mom in today’s day and age, you’ve no doubt heard about The Wonder
Weeks. This book, written by a husband-and-wife team, outlines the 10 “wonder
weeks”, or regression stages, that all babies go through
in the rst 20 months of life. The book outlines when and
why each “wonder week” happens; it also offers parents
insights into how to help their babies navigate each
wonder week, and turn it into a leap forward for baby.
The book is quite interesting, and we’ve heard from
many parents that this is in their list of top, must-have
baby books (you can see comments from real moms over
on the Wonder Weeks Facebook page). Of course, as people who eat, sleep, and
breathe baby sleep, we’ve always been most interested in how each of these
wonder weeks stages impact a baby’s naps and nighttime sleep.
And we thought it was about time that we shared what we’ve learned about the
wonder weeks and sleep with you!
Wonder Weeks Chart: How The Wonder WeeksWonder Weeks Chart
Affect Baby and Toddler Sleep
Week Name Description Impact on Sleep
Your newborn is
“waking up”, becoming
more alert, and noticing
the world around her.
This is understandably
overwhelming for
This is when “the witching hour”
usually starts – that period of
fussiness from about about 5 – 10
or 11 p.m. Be available to cuddle
baby often (wearing baby is a great
idea at this time); you may also need
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Baby Growth Wonder Weeks Chart
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