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The purpose of a bank reconciliation is to provide the actual cash position of the parish.
It is recommended that a bank reconciliation be completed at least monthly.
Opening Cash Account Balance - [insert date]
Add: Receipts
Less: Payments
Closing Cash Balance - [insert date] 0.00 A
Closing Balance of Bank Account - [insert date] (as per bank statement)
Add: Receipts not banked (refer detailed listing below)
Less: Cheques written but not presented (refer detailed listing below)
0.00 B
Difference (A-B) 0.00 Note: 'A' must equal 'B'
List of Receipts not Banked as at [insert date]
Item Amount Date banked Treasurer
Total 0.00 Churchwarden
List of Cheques not Presented at [insert date]
Payee Chq. No. Amount Date presented
Total 0.00
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