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Individual/Organization Name
Person in Charge (must be 18 or over)
Address Phone __________________
Date Wanted ____________ ___ Time Wanted ____ ____________
$50.00/Full Day Rent, $100.00 Deposit $35.00/Part Day Rent, $100.00 Deposit
Extension Organization/Group Deposit Check # Rent Check # Cash
Key Picked Up By Key Returned by Deposit Returned to ______________
CHECKLIST - In order to maintain our meeting facility and keep rental rates at a reasonable cost we ask that the
above named person in charge assist us by using this checklist. An Extension Staff member will inspect the
facility after your event. If there are no damages, deposit checks will be available for pick up the following
business day.
To promote the health and safety of all, and to promote the cleanliness of the property, the Adair County
Extension Council enforces a NO SMOKING POLICY in the building and on the grounds.
Occupant Load: 100 people (Facility has 100 chairs and 12 6-foot tables.)
If the floor becomes dirty during your rental please sweep and mop. There are brooms and mops
in the closet at the end of the hall. Please keep feet/shoes off of the walls.
Please pick up all trash and empty trash cans into dumpster in the parking lot. Replace trash bags
in trash cans. There are extra trash bags in the cabinet in the kitchen.
Please replace all tables and chairs in carts, except those that were originally left out. Wipe off
tables. No sitting on tables.
Please wipe off stove and microwave. If you have put food in the refrigerator please take it home with
you. Wipe down all kitchen countertops. Wash and put away any dishes that you may have used.
Turn off all lights and lock the door upon leaving. Make sure fire exit door is secured (stairs on
west side of basement). You may leave the key on one of the hooks on the refrigerator or return
your key the following business day to this office.
No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be permitted in the building or on the grounds.
No animals will be allowed in the building without prior approval of the Adair County Extension
Council, unless they are guide dogs or other service animals assisting individuals with disabilities.
No nails, hooks, tape, pins in walls. Signs must be placed on dry erase board. Any signs/posters
placed on premises must be removed immediately after the event.
DAMAGES: Please report any damages to us so we may repair them:
Damages made to the basement that may exceed the amount of the deposit, must be paid for by the group using
the facility. The person in charge listed above is the responsible party.
The gardens are for all to enjoy. Please do not pick the flowers or vegetables, or dig up any plant material.
Notice of cancellation must be received not less than 3 days in advance of date of rental.
Extension Council is not liable for any injuries to parties using facilities as a result of this contract.
Any individual or group not following these guidelines may be banned from using this facility and/or your
$100.00 damage deposit may not be returned, pending decision of Extension Council.
Signature (person in charge):
University of Missouri Extension is an equal opportunity/ADA institution.
Basement Rental Agreement & Checklist
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