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Travel Itinerary Template
Effectively organizing all of the details of an executive’s travel plans requires a travel itinerary template
that you use consistently. Don’t ask your travelers if they want one JUST DO IT! They’ll thank you
for it later. And in the mean time, you’ll have saved them a lot of time and hassle in sorting through
multiple documents or scrolling through multiple emails to find the information they need at the moment
they need it while they are traveling. I know this because every executive I’ve ever created one for
initially comes to expect and/or demand them for future trips. I’ve done a fair share of traveling myself,
and trips with an itinerary are much more efficient.
Think Chronologically
If you haven’t done a lot of travel planning in the past, one of the first things I encourage you to do is
THINK CHRONOLOGICALLY. What is the order of events for your traveler throughout their trip? This
will help you get all of the arrangements made that are required from the start (flights, ground
transportation, hotel, meals, meetings, etc.).
How to Use This Travel Itinerary Template
This template is designed to cover all of the basic details that need to be included on an itinerary for a
traveling executive. Not every trip requires airline travel. Not every trip requires rental cars. It may
change from trip to trip and traveler to traveler. Remain flexible. Customize this template to make it
fit more specifically to your executive’s specific travel needs.
Here are some tips to get you started:
All of the items in blue or with blanks are the details you’ll need to insert or fill in as appropriate
for each trip.
If you have executives that travel frequently to the same places, save their past travel
itineraries. Open the most recent version, update with the new date and travel details without
having to recreate the entire document each time they travel. It’s a huge time saver!
Print a final copy for your executive AND a copy for your file so you have the same information
if they need travel assistance while they are gone. If appropriate, you can also print an
additional copy for the traveler’s family so they know where they’ll be and when as well.
If your executives have e-tickets for their flights, print a copy of the flight reservation from your
travel agency or online booking service and staple it to the back of the itinerary just in case
there are any issues when they check in at the airport.
Basic Flight Itinerary Template
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