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Template for Human Resources Policy
Management of Human Resources
Corrective Action Process
[facility] believes that excellent patient care and a productive work
environment require adherence to established policies, procedures,
regulations, practices and high standards of job performance. Supervisors are
responsible for identifying performance expectations, evaluating performance,
coaching, training and problem-solving performance concerns with
employees as appropriate. When performance does not meet expectations,
supervisors may choose to use a progressive approach to corrective action.
The goal of this approach is to improve the individual's performance and
preserve him/her as an employee.
[facility] recognizes that there may be situations that will not merit this
progressive approach. All instances that require any type of corrective action
should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with Human Resources in order to
determine the appropriate corrective action measure, if any.
1. Reporting: Employees are encouraged to voluntarily report errors and
policy or procedure violations. Self-reporting will be taken into consideration
when determining outcomes.
2. Unusual or Severe Performance Problems: [facility] will determine
what action or conduct will result in corrective action, including termination.
Some situations, due to the nature and/or severity of the problem will dictate
that the progressive approach is not appropriate. The following are examples
of unacceptable conduct that may result in corrective action up to and
including immediate discharge: theft, appearing at work under the influence
of drugs or alcohol, use or sale of controlled substance on facility property,
assault and/or battery while on duty, possession of a weapon on facility
property, abuse or negligence in the care of a patient, failure to report a
serious health hazard, tampering/falsifying patient records, time cards,
application, health status forms or other records of an important nature, and
any other actions or conduct that [facility] determines to be appropriate for
corrective action up to, and including, termination.
The examples cited above are for illustration only and shall not be considered
as comprehensive or limiting [facility’s] right to corrective action or
discharge. Even in the situations discussed above, a supervisor may determine
that an alternate corrective action approach such as an immediate written
advisement or decision-making leave may be more appropriate than
immediate termination. Any performance problem that may result in
corrective action must be discussed with Human Resources.
In all instances where an employee's conduct is of a criminal nature, [facility]
Basic Hr Policy Template
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