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Bio-data is the abbreviation of biographical data. The Bio-data for Job is a kind of document that includes all basic and factual information of the applicants including the name, date of birth, gender, marital status and so on. The educational background and work experience will also be contained in the bio-data form, which is often created in 1-3 pages in length. Applicants can use it for applying for a job in the interview. Anyone who is interested in this document can download it for free. Wish you good luck in the job seeking process.

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1. Name of the candidate
2. Address in Block letters alongwith telephone/Mobile Nos.
3. Date of Birth (in Christian era)
4. Name of the post applied for
5. The mode of recruitment sought for out of three modes viz, deputation/
direct/ contract recruitment:
6. Whether Educational and other qualifications required for the post are
satisfied. (If any qualification has been treated as equivalent to the one
prescribed in the rules, state the authority for the same). Please mention the
essential and desirable qualification required and possessed by the
candidate in the preceding column.
possessed by the applicant
Essential (1)
Desired (1)
7. Please state clearly whether in the light of entries made by you above, you
meet the requirements of the post.
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Bio-data Form for Job
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