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An Evening with William Blake
Programme for the evening
Part 1
Musical settings of Blake’s poems (in order of performance).
[organiser of vocal concert: Penelope Walcott]
Benjamin Lees: ‘The Angel’.
Roger Quilter: Dream Valley [‘Memory hither come’].
Michelle O’Rourke (alto), Penelope Walcott (piano).
Robert Fokkens: from Four Colonisations: ‘Eternity’ and ‘Enough’.
Hilary Campbell (soprano), Alan Hacker (bass clarinet), Lucy Butcher (violoncello).
Ralph Vaughan Williams: Blake Songs: Nos 8 & 1 [‘Cruelty has a human heart’; ‘Infant
Joy’]. Hilary Campbell (soprano) Kate Fisher (oboe).
Maude Valerie White: The Lamb. Chris O’Gorman (tenor) Penelope Walcott (piano).
Amber Priestley: If the sun and moon should doubt, they'd immediately go out
[‘Auguries of Innocence’] (5 speakers & 1 instrument). Hilary Campbell, Michelle
O'Rourke, Chris O'Gorman, Tom Appleton and Penelope Walcott. Alan Hacker
Charles Wood: The Lamb (SATB a capella).
Hilary Campbell (soprano) Michelle O’Rourke (alto) Chris O’Gorman (tenor) Tom
Appleton (baritone).
Arnold Cooke: No 2 from 3 Songs of Innocence: ‘The Shepherd’.
Hilary Campbell (soprano) Alan Hacker (A clarinet) and Penelope Walcott (piano).
William Walton: Holy Thursday.
Hilary Campbell (soprano) Penelope Walcott (piano).
Virgil Thompson: from Five Songs: ‘Tiger! Tiger’, ‘The Little Black Boy’ and ‘And did
those feet’. Tom Appleton (baritone) Penelope Walcott (piano).
Valerie Pearson: Where a flat-sided steep frowns over…
Atsuko Kamura (voice) Philip Bartai (viola)
Peter Warlock: ‘I asked a thief to steal me a peach’.
Gustav Holst: Cradle Song.
Chris O’Gorman (tenor) Penelope Walcott (piano).
Blake Concert Programme Template
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