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As we all know, the competition in the job seeking process is more and more fierce. To have an eye-catching resume will help you a lot in the interview. The Blank CV is a kind of CV that helps people make excellent resumes for finding a good job in the job-seeking process. An excellent resume template helps you get a proper job and saves you lots of time wandering around different recruit sites. You can take the templates provided on our website for reference.

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Personal summary
You name
Your current (intended) job title i.e. ‘Financial analyst
Here write a relevant personal summary of your strongest points and why you feel
you are the best candidate for the job. This should be no more than two paragraphs
The headings on the left hand side of this page are all moveable. Simply click them
then drag and drop them to align with the main text of the CV.
Also don’t forget to delete the copyright box at the bottom of this template.
Name of the University Enter date here
Put the name & details of the degree here.
Name of the College Enter date here
A Levels:
Maths A
English B
Commerce A
Enter 1 keyword here Enter 1 keyword here Enter 1 keyword here
Enter 1 keyword here Enter 1 keyword here Enter 1 keyword here
Employers name - Location
JOB TITLE Date of employment
Here write a brief introduction of no more than four sentences. Describe the business
of the company you worked for and also your role in the company. Keep it positive.
Use bullet points to write one line descriptions of your job role.
Career history
Areas of expertise
Blank CV Template
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