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African American Black Student Success Plan
Advisory Group Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2016 | 9:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. | Oregon Department of Education
Meeting Scribe: Victoria Garcia
Charles McGee, Co-Chair
Byron Peterson
Cheryl Myers
Earlean Wilson Huey
George Russell
Iris Bell
Jennifer Ware
Joe McFerrin II
John Scott
Joseph Jefferson
Kali Ladd
Karen Fisher Gray
Laurie Wimmer
Lolenzo Poe
Mark Jackson
Markisha Smith
Nkenge Harmon Johnson
Reginald Nichols
Shelaswau Crier
Tony Hopson
Dr. Yvette Alex Assensoh
Guests Present
Byron Peterson
Lillian Green
Nakeisha Knight-Coyle
Live Streaming
Joyce Harris
Charlene Williams
Members not present:
Donnell Harris
Frank Hanna Williams
Kali Ladd
Megan Irwin
Monique Joseph
Renee Anderson
Rob Saxton
Ronnie Herndon
Co-Chair Charles McGee
Charles McGee called meeting to order
Members reviewed the minutes from the
11/17 and 12/4 meetings. Charles McGee
asked the group if they moved to accept
the minutes.
Kendra Hughes stated to the group that
all action items from last meeting have all
been addressed and reminded group
members that the webpage is up and
running on the ODE website, and Equity
Unit webpage.
HB2016 Progress Report the Progress
Report was presented to ODE
Management team on the December 28
We received great reviews on this report
and it’s now in the hands of the
legislators. The report will go in front of
the education subcommittee and once
we get their blessing we will have money
to allocate fund. Funds will become
available in April 2016.
Kendra Hughes took roll of
members present. Members
introduced themselves to
members in attendance for
the first time.
Motion was accepted to
accept both minutes from
November & December.
Kendra Hughes will resend
the link to the webpage.
Blank Meeting Agenda Template For Partner Sample
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