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This file is a template of a board meeting agenda, which is a common document of a public company. Except for the basic points that a common boarding meeting covers, this template adds a proposal in the end. Since the board meeting concerns the big strategy of the company, the proposal is necessary to confirm the decision made in a board meeting. This point is a good side you can adopt in your agenda.

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<Academy Mission Statement>
<Academy Name>
<Street Address>
<City, ST, Zip Code>
Telephone: <Phone Number> Facsimile: <Fax Number>
Email Address: <email address> Website: <website address>
A copy of the meeting minutes are available for public inspection at the Academy, at the Academy Address listed above within 8
business days for proposed minutes and within 5 business days of approval for approved minutes.
The Academy shall comply with subtitle A of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law 101-336, 42
USC § 12101 et seq or any successor law. Should you require specific accommodation(s) please contact <Contact Name> at
<Phone Number> prior to the meeting.
Academy Board of Directors
Regular Meeting Agenda
Date: <Date of Meeting>
Time: <Time of Meeting>
Location: <Location Name>
<Address of Meeting>
<City, ST, Zip Code of Meeting location>
Call To Order
I. Roll Call
II. Public Comment (reserved for agenda items only)
III. Approval of Agenda (if items are added, they should be included under Other Business)
IV. Committee Report(s)
V. Treasurer’s Report
VI. Administrator Report(s)
VII. Policy Review
Old Business
VIII. New Business
Board Meeting Agenda Template Word
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