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What Can
Prepared by
students, parents and
staff at Allendale
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By the time children tell their parents they are
being bullied, they may have tried everything
they can to deal with it on their own. Telling
parents is often a very hard step to take.
As a first step, it is usually best to:
Encourage your child to talk through it as far
as he or she wants to, so you get the basic
facts straight
Try to keep an open mind, remembering
you are hearing one part of the story only
Ask questions gently
Help your child reflect on what has been
done so far
Help your child work out what might be
Never try to sort out the bullies yourself. This
rarely works and often makes matters worse.
It does not help if parents:
Get angry or upset
Make the child think it is not important
Blame the child or the school
Accuse people without knowing the facts
Look for easy solutions
Make an appointment to see the Principal, the
class teacher, the Counsellor or whoever you
think would be best to see, in a way that makes
it clear to the school that you see yourself and
the school as partners in trying to fix this
problem. Tell the school what you and your
child would like to do, and ask them for ideas as
With your child, check out the website:
What will the
school do?
All incidents of bullying and harassment, which are
reported to the school, will be addressed in a Restorative
Actions may include:
Speaking with all students involved including
Parent notification
Restorative meeting with the Principal, Deputy
Principal or Counsellor
Listening to victim and their ideas of outcomes
Sharing conference with bully and victim
Follow up by School Counsellor (Pikas Method of
Shared Concern and No Blame Approach)
Consequences for bullying may include:
The important issue is to reduce the ongoing
On-going Restorative meetings
Time out or suspension
Interview with student and parent
Case management (violence or persistent behaviour)
Documentation for files
The school will take a pro-active stance
, by
promoting co-operative learning and character
development through:
Assertiveness training for students being bullied
Anger management where required
Promote relevant learning with a focus on co-
operation, resilience and accepting differences through
Bounce Back program and other programs
Reinforce the school’s Code of Conduct and Student
Grievance Procedure
Help all students understand the responsible use of
power in relationships
Explicit teaching on recognising bullying behaviour and
the role of the bystander
Bullying and Harassment Policy
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