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What is Bullying?
Our Basic Belief . . .
Bullying - "We don't do that here"
All members of the Murtoa College Community have the
right to work in a safe and supportive environment free
from ALL forms of bullying. We are committed to ensuring
a caring learning environment which promotes personal
growth and positive self esteem for all.
The Bullying Policy aims to educate the school community
about these issues and prevent bullying from occurring at
our College.
Our school offers a number of student welfare support
structures to assist students with any problems they may
be having at school, including the Peer Support Program
and the Health Program.
What are the signs?
Bullying can have devastating effects on students and the
school community in general.
Students may exhibit or experience:
• fear of coming to school/truancy
• poor school performance
• loss of interest in schoolwork
• feelings of isolation/exclusion
• low self esteem / self confidence
• stress
• depression
• change in behaviour
(eg: aggression or withdrawal)
To eliminate Bullying, we need the
support of students, staff and
What to do if you feel that you
are being bullied . . .
If possible, tell the person that their behaviour is not
welcome and that it offends you. Tell them to stop.
Nobody has the right to bully another student.
If you consider the incident to be serious or it has been
ongoing, you should discuss this matter with a teacher
with whom you feel comfortable. This may include a
subject teacher, Year Level Coordinator, Student Welfare
Coordinator, School Nurse, Assistant Principal or Principal.
Ask a friend to go with you if you want support.
All incidents of bullying will be treated sensitively and
acted upon in accordance with the procedures set out in
the Bullying Policy. If you know someone who is being
bullied, offer them your support and encourage them to
seek assistance. False accusations of bullying are
themselves forms of bullying and will be dealt with as such.
Bullying sometimes occurs between students, members of
staff or staff members and students.
NONE is acceptable at Murtoa College
Don't be embarrassed about asking for help.
Bullies depend on secrecy. Nobody can do anything
to help unless they are told about the bullying.
the victim
•Dragging & Pushing
•Physical & Verbal Abuse
•Not respected
•Miserable & Sad
The victim is..
•Put downs
•Bad Language
•Not Wanted
•Not Accepted
•Unfairly treated
No Respect•
Name Calling•
Hurting someone's feelings
Being racist
Causing sadness
Hurting others physically
Verbal abuse
Exclusion of others
The victim is:
• upset
• crying
Sending nasty notes/emails/SMS messages
Threatening others
Vandalising other people's property
Stalking others (following them around)
Drawing nasty pictures of other people
Swearing at others
Breaking or stealing other people's things
Using “put downs including
~ gay ~ faggot
~ leso / lesbian ~ poof
~ tool ~ stooge
~ ‘ana (anorexic) ~ ‘retard’
Bossing others around
Laughing at other people
Starting rumours about others
Name calling
Once only or repeated acts
Bullying means . . .
Bullying-We Don't Do That Here
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