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The business company profile template has a very detailed and integral outline. Eight major parts form into this one, and almost every part has specific instructions to guide your writing. This file is free to download. It is so practical that nearly all kinds of enterprises can use it to create a personalized one. If it meets your need, you can download it, make it as the template and complete it based on your need.

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General notes:
This document is a template and should be customised to your specific
purpose and tailored to the requirements of the intended recipients.
The document is available in MS word format and can be e-mailed, put on
disk/flash if required (at an additional charge).
1. Business, Administrative & Contact Information
a. Business name: company/Trust name CC/Pty (Ltd)/Ltd trading as XYZ (if
b. Business type: Sole proprietor/Closed corporation/Private
c. Company registration number: self explanatory
d. Tax reference number: self explanatory
e. VAT number: self explanatory
f. Tel: Multiple numbers if available
g. Fax: land line and fax-2-email number/s (Fax to e-mail fax numbers available
from The P.A. Shop)
h. E-mail: company
i. Cell: if applicable
j. Physical address:
k. Postal Address:
l. Docex Address:
m. Banking details:
Business Profile of (insert company name here)
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