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The business company profile template has a very detailed and integral outline. Eight major parts form into this one, and almost every part has specific instructions to guide your writing. This file is free to download. It is so practical that nearly all kinds of enterprises can use it to create a personalized one. If it meets your need, you can download it, make it as the template and complete it based on your need.

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2. Introduction
a. Company History
A short, 1 paragraph, history of the company.
b. What the company does
2 to 3 sentences about what the company does, what it’s business is, and
which market sectors it services.
3. Strategy
a. Vision statement
A vision statement outlines what an company wants to be. It focuses on tomorrow; it is
inspirational; it provides clear decision-making criteria; and it is timeless.
b. Mission statement
A mission statement outlines what the company is now. It focuses on today; it identifies the
customer(s); it identifies the critical process(es); and it states the level of performance.
c. Values
General guiding principles that are to govern all activities.
d. Business goals & objectives
Specific goals that the company wants to achieve.
e. Business strategy
The general strategy of the company. E.g. diversification, vertical integration,
horizontal integration, organic growth, growth by acquisition, etc
f. Economic intent
What the economic intent of the organisation is. E.g. profit making, not for
profit, investment, speculation, etc
4. Business concept
a. Business concept
What the business does.
b. Products
c. Services
d. Business competitiveness
Business Profile of (insert company name here)
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