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This file is a template for creating a business meeting agenda. It presents the topics to be covered in the meeting from the start and end time, the key points of each topic and the location, simple but clear. If you like the way or the format this template presents, download it for free and create your agenda according to the brief instructions on the template. You can also add more lines to present more information.

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[Meeting name] agenda
Location: [Address or room number]
Date: [Date]
Time: [Time]
Facilitator: [Name(s)]
Agenda items
[Start time] — [End
[Agenda item description] [Location]
[Start] — [End]
[To replace placeholder text, just
select it and start typing. Don’t
include space to the right or left of
the characters in your selection.]
[Start] — [End]
[Apply any text formatting you see
in this template with just a click
from the Home tab, in the Styles
[Start] — [End]
[To add a new row at the end of this
table, just click into the last cell in
the last row and then press Tab.]
[Start] — [End]
[To add or delete rows or columns
anywhere in a table, click in an
adjacent row or column and then, on
the Table Tools Layout tab of the
ribbon, click an Insert or Delete
Additional information
Add additional instructions or comments here.
Business Meeting Agenda (Orange Design)
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