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This Business Memo Sample use the memo from the Business Communication Center as the example to show the basic structure of the business memo. Every section of the memo has been pointed out to make you understand the content of each part. At the end of this template, there is a checklist for you to remind you of what you need to pay attention to after you have completed your memo. This file is free to download. If it is in your want, come to visit our website.

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Business Memo Sample
from the Business Communication Center
For information on improving your letters see
Memo Writing Checklist:
Check your letterhead
Sign your initials after your typed
name on the “From:” line
Check date
Provide strong, clear subject line
Proofread for correctness
initials go
Don’t let the little
things trip you up!
Copyright 2010 Business Communication Center, Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma
Business Memo Sample
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