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Health and Safety Committee Meeting
Reference: GAM 3.48, Standard G
Minute Template
Corporate Bank: Health and Safety05/03/2012
(input name of JHSC)
Health and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Co-Chair: Recorder:
Participants: Guests:
Item number:
Issue/Discussion Recommendation Member Assigned for
Completion Date
1 Call to Order: (input time)
2 Adoption of Agenda:
3 Adoption of Minutes of (input date of previous meeting)
4. Old Business – enter any action items or business carrying over from the last meeting
5. Regular Reports
5.1 Worksite inspection
5.2 First Aid/Injury Reports
5.3 Incident Reports
5.4 Near Miss Reports
5.5 Unsafe Condition Reports
6 New Business
7 Next Meeting: ( input, date, time and location)
8 Meeting Adjourned: (input time)
8 Approved minutes are to be filed by (enter department or staff member responsible), with a hard
copy posted on (enter location). Electronic copies are provided to al JHSC members senior
management through the Senior Management Representative and to the Union. A hard copy is to
be posted on the health and safety bulletin board. In my opinion, the above is an accurate record
of this meeting
Signature of both Co-Chairs is required
______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________
(Co-Chair – Employee Representative) (Co-Chair – Employer Representative)
Business Minutes Form2
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