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UT Austin, Ofc. of the VP/CFO, ver Aug 14 Page 1 of 5
Instructions and Guidelines for Use:
This Agreement may be used to restrict access to confidential information provided by the
University to another party.
Ø Revisions to existing clauses or insertion of additional clauses requires prior approval
from the Office of Financial Affairs.
Ø Once you have completed the requested information, please delete the highlighted
instructions and information in red text before printing the agreement.
Ø When you are ready to submit the Agreement for review and approval, please refer to the
“Procedure for Submitting Business Contracts” at:
Ø Please call the Financial Affairs Office at 471-7400 or 471-4412 if you have any questions
about the use of this template for your specific arrangement or the information requested
within the template.
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(University Disclosing)
This non-disclosure agreement (“Agreement”) is between <Insert College/School and/or budgeted
department name>, a unit of The University of Texas at Austin (hereafter “University”), and <Insert
Company’s complete legal name> (hereafter “Company”) a corporation, having a business address at
<Insert Company’s complete address>.
A. Company wishes to receive certain trade secret, confidential and proprietary information (hereinafter
collectively “Information”) pertaining to <Insert subject matter of information to be provided>. This
exchange includes all communication of Information between the parties in any form whatsoever,
including oral, written and machine readable form, pertaining to the above.
B. Company wishes to receive the Information for the sole purpose of <Insert purpose of non-
disclosure/summary of the project>.
C. University is willing to disclose the Information and Company is willing to receive the Information (as
“Receiving Party”) on the terms and conditions set forth herein.
Therefore, University and Company agree, as follows:
1. That the disclosure of Information by University is in strictest confidence and thus Company will:
a. (1) Not disclose to any other person the Information and (2) use at least the same degree of care to
maintain the Information secret as the Company uses in maintaining as secret its own secret information,
but always at least a reasonable degree of care;
Business Non Disclosure Agreement
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