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1200 Markham Road
Toronto, ON M1H 3C3
Telephone: (416) 438.3606 / email:
A Experienced Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of expertise in the areas of Business Review and
Analysis, Tax Planning, Filings, Settlement Negotiation, Corporate Compliance, Project Management,
Government Relationship Management and Submissions to the Canadian and U.S. Tax Authorities.
Proficient in the computation of corporate, partnership, trust and individual taxes, corporate reorganizations,
surplus distributions, debt/equity financing tax issues, cross border issues, etc.
Proven ability to exercise professional judgment in dealing with disclosure of information in financial reporting
of corporate and personal income taxes with a defensible approach to using the Canadian Income Tax Act
and the U.S. Tax Regulations. Highly skilled in researching sources and identifying solutions or alternatives
to tax issues.
A detail-oriented and resourceful individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, combined
with an excellent understanding of complex tax issues.
Business Review and Analysis
Review and analyze tax issues, being mindful of key performance factors and short and long term
business objectives
Scrutinize financial reports and statements in order to identify opportunities and capitalize on savings
through the advantageous use of tax planning
Utilize computer modelling techniques to evaluate the outcomes of decisions
Examine the policies established by public companies with respect to employee benefits, relocation,
automobile expenses and accounting for scientific research and experimental development
Establish audit trails for corporate tax provisions, review working papers prepared by audit staff, and
coordinate and direct junior tax staff to ensure timely and accurate completion
Tax Planning
Forecast tax issues and outline favourable plans to minimize taxes after identifying existing and
potential tax issues such as tax loss utilization, scientific research and experimental development
Facilitate business operations by preparing tax plans for the acquisition, divestiture, merger,
expansion, and realignment of company operations
Investigate complex issues such as setting up an immigration trust for an individual relocating to
Canada, and considering the effect of the U.S. foreign holding company rules for an individual
moving to the U.S.
Provide expertise to chief executive officers, vice presidents, lawyers, controllers and treasurers
while participating in high profile meetings to discuss company operations
Perform tax due diligence reviews for mergers and acquisitions of companies involved in
communications (newspapers, cable, broadcasting, and cellular communication), and bottling to
ensure the adequacy of indemnity clauses and holdbacks from the purchase price
Consider various tax issues of a corporation carrying on business in other jurisdictions
Detailed understanding of federal and provincial capital tax including methods for reducing this tax
with year end planning
Business Tax Planning Charted Accountant Resume
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