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UAB “Prime Leasing”, legal entity code 302565318, Ozo str. 10a, Vilnius, VAT
number LT100005847815, Tel. 8 700 44844, Fax (8 5) 2356089,
Settlement account No. LT137300010127936711, AB “Swedbank”, Bank code: 73000
Lessee’s e-mail
Mob. tel. No.
Vehicle shall be a vehicle provided by the Lessor to the Lessee for temporary disposal and use in
accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Contract.
User shall be the Lessee’s (legal entity) employee or other physical person authorized by it,
provided the right on the Lessee’s behalf, account and responsibility to be connected to Electronic
System, to perform appropriate operations and use cars. Requirements and obligations contained in
the Agreement and these Rules applicable to the Lessee, mutatis mutandis are applicable to the
Services shall be services connected to Car technical maintenance (major and minor repairs,
technical maintenance, compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle drivers and auto hull insurance
(CASCO), all materials necessary for vehicle operating (for example, oil, glass cleaner) and fuel.
Internet site shall be the web site
Pricelist shall be the price of car rental and service provision, price of the Car Rental and Service
Rental point shall be the parking lot where the car is taken and returned by the Lessee. Find the list
of rental points on the site.
Electronic System shall be the car rental reservation available on the site.
Car System shall be an electronic system installed in the car to record its location, distance run,
time of use, the use of Fuel Card and other data associated with the car use to be transmitted to the
1. Contract Subject
1.1. Upon the present Contract the Lessor shall provide the Lessee with the right to temporary
manage and use of the Car while rendering the appropriate services, and the Lessee agrees to use the
Car in accordance with the terms provided for in the Contract, to pay the Rent and Service Fee.
1.2. After Contract signing the Lessee shall be provided with data required to sign up for the
Electronic System. The Lessee shall be obligated to protect data and passwords required for Electronic
System sign up and to immediately notify the Lessor about the loss of such data. The Lessee shall be
responsible for such data protection.
1.3. Procedures connected to Car rental reservation, changes in reservation time, Car use, reservation
time expiration and reservation time exceeding, Car inspection, Car defects and inconformity detection
and other conditions related to Car rent and Service provision are specified in the Regulations on
Service Provision (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations on Service Provision) to be an integral
Car Lease and Service Agreement
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