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This file is a Car Sale Receipt Template, which is for the customers having bought an NRMA car. Since a car is a larger goods for customers, the receipt seems more formal. The logo in the header and the picture of the car are all the special points of this template. As for the contents, the template includes the driver's license number apart from the basic elements covered in a usual receipt. If you are looking for a receipt for selling cars, this template will be very helpful. You can download it for free.

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NRMA Used Car Sellers’ Receipt
Date: ____________________________________________
Seller’s name: ____________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________
Mobile: ____________________________________________
Seller’s driver’s licence no: ___________________________________
Car Registration: ______________________
VIN/chassis/engine no: _____________________________________
Agreed condition: ____________________________________________________
Amount received: $___________________________________
Buyer’s name: ____________________________________
For (cross out one): Deposit / Full Payment
Seller’s signature: ______________________________________
Buyer’s signature: ______________________________________
We recommend NRMA MotorServe or Approved Repairers for a vehicle inspections before you purchase a used
Car Sale Receipt Template
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