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UserIQ’s in-app messaging solution improves
MedReps member prole survey completion
rate by 70% in just 10 days was founded in 2000 by job
recruiters in the medical sales industry
who were looking to get connected with
experienced medical sales professionals.
MedReps’ rst users – both job seekers and
job posters – found unprecedented success.
Now, sixteen years and thousands of referrals
later, continues to be the go-to
job site for experienced industry professionals
including those seeking medical sales,
pharmaceutical sales, and more.
As a leader in connecting qualied candidates
to the best pharmaceutical and medical sales
positions available, MedReps is a professional
source for valuable medical industry
information. MedReps knows the importance
of staying up to date with news and events
surrounding job opportunities in this industry.
The company prides itself on its website
experts and is constantly searching for new
ways to make MedReps even more eective.
Its ability to embrace change and keep the
needs of its customers their focal point is
part of what’s kept the company relevant and
Customer Prole
case study
Case Study Template
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