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Certificate of Accomplishment in Ballet Dance Teacher/Choreographer
Requirements for Certificate of Accomplishment
a) Complete satisfactorily the courses listed for the particular certificate.
b) Complete at least 50% of the required units at Ohlone College.
c) Maintain a 2.0 grade point average.
The student will focus on teaching styles and choreography. Each student will have the opportunity to mentor with
a dance faculty and learn various teaching styles. The student will also learn theatre technology and lighting design.
This will enhance the student’s ability to communicate with theatre technicians in the field and provide for a better
expression of choreography.
This certificate signifies that the student has competent teaching skills and has adequate experience in theatrical
stage craft and lighting design necessary to communicate expressed choreography in the professional theatrical field.
Student Learning Outcomes
1. Conduct a dance technique class with communicative teaching skills, confidence, and conviction in a
studio and/or rehearsal setting.
2. Choreograph a dance that includes three or more dancers, create a rehearsal schedule, budget/manage
time with regard to rehearsals, and demonstrate effective communication skills using dance
terminology to express choreographic ideas.
3. Demonstrate a clear understanding of theatrical design and technology as it relates to dance by
presenting the dance onstage in full production (lighting, sound, costume, and set).
TD-121C Dance Rehearsal and Performance 4
TD-141A Introduction to Ballet AND 2
TD-141B Intermediate Ballet (taken twice) OR 4
TD-141B Intermediate Ballet (taken three times) (6)
TD-149 Choreography for Production 2
TD-152 Introduction to Stage Lighting and Sound 3
TD-161 Stagecraft Lab (Theatre, Television, Dance) 1
Certificate of Accomplishment in Ballet Dance Teacher/Choreographer
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