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Douglas Gray
3467, Clifton RD,
Lafayette, LA, 72385
(291) 894- 6982
Career Goal
To be a chiropractor in a clinic practicing chiropractic and hence help the patients who are
suffering from chronic ailments.
Educational Background
Achieved Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Massachusetts School of Medicine,
Massachusetts in the year of 1992.
Achieved Bachelor of Science Degree from the Southwestern University, Dallas at
Pre-Medicine Studies in the year of 1986.
Professional Accreditation
Achieved Professional Qualification as a cardiologist from the United States
Association of Chiropractors in the year of 1993.
Acquired Affiliation from the Chiropractor Society of Massachusetts,
Massachusetts in the year of 1994.
Achieved professional recognition fro the Greater Philadelphia Chiropractor
Association, Philadelphia in the year of 1994.
Obtained certification from the Sports Counsel of the United States Chiropractor
Society in the year of 1995.
Professional Background
1994- Present date: Work as the associate of the Chiropractor Therapy Unit of Greater
Philadelphia Chiropractor Association, Philadelphia with the following responsibilities
Offer several spinal manipulations and switch essential muscular and skeletal
requirements of sports wounded clients.
Provide necessary pain alleviation therapies to the working wounded clients and
elderly clients.
Offer necessary assistance to the industrial accident wounded clients regarding
strength and stamina enhancement procedure.
Offer essential information for the insurance companies.
Helped Third party billing proceedings as well as workmen's compensations by
giving them important information.
Published Books or Articles
Chiropractic Student Resume
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