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The Christmas Newsletter is a sample for creating a Christmas newsletter. The two main color of this template are green and red, which are the main color tone of Christmas. The pictures include the Christmas tree and the Santa Claus, two representative things of Christmas. As for the contents, this template mainly shows the plan for the Christmas. You can download this template and edit according to your demands to create a customized Christmas newsletter.

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Newsletter Title
Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Issue No.
Month & Year
If you have never sent out a newsletter before, think
about making one this christmas for the first time. It is
a great time to start creating and sharing your
personal stories and memories. This free red and
green holiday newsletter template will make it easy
to create a two page personalized family newsletter
to send to friends and family during the holidays.
The font used throughout the newsletter is Century
Gothic and this template is two pages long, but if
you wish you can add or remove pages by copying
or deleting them. Each text area is contained in an
editable text box and they currently have place
Free Newsletter with festive red and green holiday colors
holder information that you can remove and
change to make it your own. You may use this free
template for personal or business commercial use for
any purpose that you see fit. Please do not
redistribute the unmodified template file on the
web, if you would like to share, you may do so by
linking to my website:
Please replace this text with the contents of your
Snowmen gathered round the tree
It takes less time to do a thing right, than it
does to explain why you did it wrong.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Christmas Newsletter
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