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1. Selecting Participants
How many questionnaires should be completed?
The Church Health Survey is designed to be effective with:
One pastor completing the survey
30 participants completing the survey
The pastor and multiple staff
If the church has a multiple pastoral staff, it can have all pastors (except the
senior pastor) complete a survey, then build a composite picture by combining
the scores on all the surveys and dividing by the number of pastor’s surveyed to
create a single score.
The senior or sole pastor of the church should complete a survey separately.
If the church is currently without a senior pastor, the person currently
performing the duties of the senior leader should complete a survey.
2. Criteria for Selecting People to Complete the Participants
There are four criteria for selecting participants to complete the
Regular worship attendee
Committed to the life of the church
Actively serving in an ongoing ministry
Actively involved in a small group/class
You should aim to include a broad cross section of people:
Women and men
Varying length of time at the church
Different age groups
Leaders of different types of small groups
Different ministries, including those that are not high profile
Church Health Survey Template
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