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Welcome to Mrs. Miller’s
Grade 5
September 2011
Summer Time Wall Painting Event
This is a spot for your article to go with the photo
below. You can describe school events that took
place or just inform your students and their parents
about upcoming events.
I was very glad to go back to school, because I
knew that I would have a new teacher named Mrs.
Miller. I wanted to chat with my schoolmates and
talk about how each spent their summer vacation
and tell one another everything that we missed.
I am sorry to say I lost my dear school teacher who
taught us before vacation, I am much pleased with
our new one. She seems to take a great interest in us
all. Some children were very naughty the first day of
school, but I think when they become better
acquanited with her they will think her as nice
as our last teacher. We did not play many games
the first day, but we are playing hide-and-seek
today, as this is Monday. And we always play
games on Mondays
Remember to bring your favorite thing next Monday.
Wecome to Classroom #532 Mrs. Miller’s
Grade 5
This classroom newsletter is for teachers and can be
customized to update your students and their
parents about your classroom news, upcomming
school events, days off, homework and special
1. Homework. I had twenty-two and the next one to
me had arithmetic I could clap my hands, buy
English is my poorest subject. I am going to bring it
up to report card if I can. When I was in the fifth
grade the class brought money for a flag and when
the school burned down it was not saved. So Miss
Hamlin, my second grade teacher, gave it to us
today and each year it will stay with us when we go
2. School Events. The school children will fix their
lunch and start for school when the 8:30 o'clock bell
rings. The children will walk to school with each
other. They will tell about the fine dinners and fine
donuts that they had during the holidays. When the
8:30 o'clock bell rings for school the children will start
for school with a light heart and a happy smile to
keep their grades up.
3. Days Off. Every student loves days off of school
plus it gives teachers a break as well.
4. Special Assignments. Do you want to notify
parents about special assignments that may require
extra work or attention on the students part?
5. Parent Teacher Conferences. Talk more about
parent teacher conferences and what is expected
and how many donuts there will be.
Classroom Newsletter
Classroom Newsletter Sample
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