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The College Resume Template is a document that provides resume templates for college students to find a job. Most college students don't have an extensive work experience. So what kind of resume can make a good impression on the employers? You need to make an eye-catching resume to attract the attention of the employers. With the template provided on our website, you will know what to focus on and highlight in your resume. Please click the college resume template to get the main idea of what to include.

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[Street&Address]&|&[City,&S T&Z IP &Co de ]& |&[Ph o ne &N umber]&|&[E<mail&Address]&
[An&entry<level&marketing&or&m an ag ement&position&with &a&medium<sized&business.]&
[Bachelor&of&Scienc e,&Bu sin e ss &Ad m in istr atio n ]&
[State&College,&Oakh ill]&&
[Expected&June&20 07 ]&
[Minor:&Marketin g]&
[Related&course&wo rk :&Per so n ne l&m an ag ement,&business&man ag ement,&business&ethics ,&bu sin es s&
law,&macroecon omics,&statistics,&marketin g ,&and &s ale s.]&
[Management ]&
[Developed&and&im p lemented&new&fundr ais ing &pr og ram&for&social&fraternity,&wh ich &b rou g ht &in&
[Worked&with&loc al&an d &na tio na l&alu m n i&ch ap ter s&to &co o rdin a te&c ha pt er&h ou s e&ex p an sio n ,&
[Organized&and&co m m u n ica ted &to &ch ap te r&alu m n i&a&h ou se &ex pa ns io n&fu n dr ais ing &pro g ram,&which&
to&date&has&brought&in&en ou gh &to&co ver&5 0% &of&ex pa ns ion &costs .]&
[Managed&chap ter&h o us e&fin an c es &for&two&years,&including&c olle ct ing &d ue s&a nd &p ay in g&b ills.] &
[Led&campus&new s pa p er&a dv ert isin g&st aff &thr ee&c on s ec utiv e&y ea rs&fo r&m n o st&a dv er tisin g&d o llars &
[Organized&and&im ple m e n ted &ad ve rtis ing &pr omotion,&which&increa sed &n umber&of&advertisers&by &
[Communicatio n ]&
[Presented&mon thly &fin an cia l&rep o rts &to&ch a pt er&m e m b er s&an d &qu ar ter ly&rep o rts &to &nat ion a l&
[Served&as&fraternity&p res id en t,&bu sin e ss &m an ag er,&an d &so cia l&ch airman.]&
[Advertising&Man age r]&
[State&College&Stude nt &Ne w s ]&
[Start&Date]to&[End&Da te ]&
[Responsible&for&pa ge &an d&c las sifie d&a dv ert isin g&s ales &an d &
{Organized&and&implemen ted&sev eral&succ essfu l&advertisin g&
[Start&Date]&to&[End&D a te] &
[Provided&excellent &tab le&se rv ice &and &fo st ere d&g ue st&s atis fa ctio n &
College Resume Template
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