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This Company Profile Sample includes several parts, such as the basic information, merits of the enterprise, important certificates, details of services, key clients, team structure and crisis contact. This sample introduces the overall aspects of the company and can help its visitors understand the enterprise better. We offer the download of this template freely in our website. If you are interested in it, you can download it and then make a unique one of your own.

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Company Profile
PR Tools and Support
Production companies usually propose to clients ways of delivering what is demanded from
them. DBM, however, provides services at an earlier stage of planning and helps clients search
for the most effective ways to communicate key messages. Such an approach brings effective
results at lower costs.
DBM’s services provided in this area cover event management, internet surveys, internet portal
design, brochures, leaflets, newsletters and invitation design. In all our activities we seek to
produce materials and events which the participants do not forget after the curtain comes
down. DBM provides clients with top-class services especially, including innovative hi-tech
services. In 1999 for example, DBM prepared and managed the first ever live internet TV
broadcast from the CNTS building.
DBM puts emphasis on the most important element of production management, which is
building an interactive relationship between a client and its key audience. In our
understanding, public relations is built on a dialogue with target audiences and the
communications tools applied should respect this.
DBM’s services in the area of PR support:
Mass Mailing
Information Line
Information Materials
P.O. Box
Event Management
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