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Task 1: Competitor Profile
Complete your competitor profile and a profile for your three
most important competitors use the recommended sources
to find the data and try and get as much info as possible.
Task 2: Competitive Advantage
Think about what makes your company different than your
competitors. Next, do the same thing for your three
competitors. If you’re struggling, pick up the phone and give
your competitors a call just ask them!
Go one step further and actually talk to their customers.
Task 3: Target Market
Identify who your target market is (if you don’t already know)
and then do some research on your competitors to see who
their target market is. A good place to start would be their
website and looking at their advertising campaigns.
Task 4: Market Share
Complete a market share analysis.
Task 5: Marketing Strategies
Write down your current marketing strategies and any you
have in the pipeline. Now get moving and see what your
competitors are doing give them a call, do some research on
their site do whatever you can to become more familiar with
their strategies.
Task 6: Product/Service Profile
Complete the product/service mix rate your company then
your competitors on a consistent scale of 1-10.
Task 7: Pricing and Costs
Answer all these questions about your company and your
competitors. Pricing is an observable source so you should be
able to get most of the answers by looking at your competitors
Task 8: Distribution Channels
Look at your company’s and your competitor’s distribution
channels how many channels and intermediaries are being
used? Do they spend more time in front of the clients?
Task 9: SWOT Analysis
Complete a SWOT analysis for your company and your
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