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This file offers a formal construction invoice sample. A construction invoice means an invoice used in the construction project. It usually includes many aspects of expenses, including the salary of the workers, the costs of the material and other expenses. As a formal invoice, a construction invoice also mainly contains four part, including the name and contact information of the seller and buyers, the detailed information of the invoice, the details of the transaction and the payment information. You can review it to learn about what a construction invoice like and the contends to be included in an invoice.

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BILL TO: For Work At Job Site:
John Abercrombie
Mona Fitch
120 Pine Street
Ashland OR 97520
1234 Hersey Street
Ashland OR 97520
Customer PO: Terms:
Fellman, 1234 Due On Receipt
Invoice Items:
Item Status Amount
Job Phase: Excavation
Excavation Invoiced $630.00
Job Phase: Foundation
Kit Foundation Invoiced $1,800.00
Invoice Total: $2,430.00
All work is guaranteed to be as specified and to be performed in accordance with the drawings and
specifications submitted, in a substantial and workmanlike manner.
Description Amount Notes
Original Estimate
06/01/09 $130,398.01
Deposit Received
02/01/07 $1,800.00
Allowance Variances
Cabinets $1,650.00 Allowance: $5,610.13, Actual: $7,260.13
Counters $800.00 Allowance: $1,200.00, Actual: $2,000.00
Doors $80.00 Allowance: $1,320.00, Actual: $1,400.00
Floor Covering $75.00 Allowance: $4,265.00, Actual: $4,340.00
Windows $150.00 Allowance: $8,508.00, Actual: $8,658.00
Total Variance $2,755.00 Estimated: $27,253.13, Actual: $30,008.13
With Markups $3,306.00
Change Orders
Cost Adjustment
Cost Adjustment -$8,003.00 Estimated: $130,398.01, Actual: $122,395.01
Draws (Invoices)
05/30/06 $2,730.00
11/06/06 $5,374.50
11/07/06 $13,393.50
Construction Invoice
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