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Construction Waste Management Plan
Smith Building Renovation
PSU Project # 01-23456.00
This Construction Waste Management Plan is designed by ABC Construction Company with regards to
the goals specified by the owner for the Smith Building Renovation. This plan will be adhered to by all
subcontactors, along with ABC Construction Company and other jobsite personnel during the
construction of this project. ABC Construction Company will implement, discuss goals and issues as
part of subcontractor coordination meetings, and document this plan through the course of construction
activities. John Smith, the ABC Construction Company site superintendent, will ensure on-site
execution of this plan.
The goals for this project shall meet the requirements set forth by Penn State to recycle or salvage a
minimum of 75 percent (by weight) of non-hazardous construction waste.
In order to help achieve these goals, ABC Construction Company will provide a cost analysis for
recycling and separating the following waste materials (versus landfilling):
Clean dimensional wood
Beverage and food containers
Brick and CMU
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Recyclable Plastic
Gypsum wallboard
Asphalt and concrete paving
Ceiling Tile
Existing Windows
Used equipment oil
All other waste materials, not listed above, will be handled as general refuse and disposed of at a
licensed and permitted landfill.
This waste management plan will be distributed to all subcontractors working on this project. ABC
Construction Company will discuss goals and handling procedures of the waste generated with its
subcontractors during coordination meetings. The project's first coordination meeting will provide an
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