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A Consulting Proposal is a document used by the consultant to describe the wish and conditions of the job to the prospective client. This document is often used by the client and the consultant after their discussion about the job. The consulting proposal is essential for the consultants. How to make a clear and effective proposal helps you get your requirements fast from your clients. Welcome to download our templates for reference.

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[PARAGRAPH 1]: Address problem service/product will solve. Identify who you are.
[PARAGRAPH 2]: List qualifications and plan to solve problem.
[PARAGRAPH 3]: List results of consultation. Explain how plan affects this change.
[PARAGRAPH 4]: List expectations that need to be met to ensure job is completed as promised.
List other “problem areas” related to consultation and explain that they are separate from this
contract. List extra costs.
[PARAGRAPH 5]: List your price.
[PARAGRAPH 6]: Closing. Reiterate how you will do well at the job. Thank the person for taking
time to read.
Consulting Proposal Template
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