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Understand the performance
of the current content
Identify the topics that failed
to engage audience
Find what’s missing
A content gap analysis provides a complete view of where you are today and what’s missing in your content
creation efforts. There are many approaches to content gap analysis, but the purpose remains the same;
The process can be tedious, but can be really helpful identifying any revisions needed for your content strategy.
The result of a gap analysis often includes a long list of content that needs to be created. Prioritize your
content requests to be sure the biggest gaps are filled first, then move on to the content that simply needs to
be improved or optimized.
Prioritize to Fill the Biggest Gaps First
of consumers enjoy reading
relevant content from
of consumers feel more positive
about acompany after reading
custom content
of consumers feel closer
to a company as a result
of content marketing
Evaluate where you are and what content
already exists on your site
A simple spreadsheet can help organize the current content
inventory. Plan for fields to include keyword group, targeted
keyword, title, link, last update.
Define goals and content strategy approach
Look to your content strategy to help guide your goals
and approach to creating the content that is needed.
Competitive and content review.
Identify the missing content. Compare to your keyword
and content rank report to highlight gap terms that
are important for your business but are missing
from the rank report or content inventory.
Once the inventory is complete, competitive keyword data tools can show who’s currently ranking for the
terms you’d like to rank for. The competitive landscape data will help illustrate the overlap of content you have
that need to be revised or optimized, plus the content you need and the topics you don’t need to go after.
Reduce Content Gap with a Successful Content Marketing
B2B marketers use
content marketing.
B2C marketers use
content marketing
CMOs see custom content
as the future of marketing
Your Content Strategy Needs a Gap Analysis
In content marketing, the gap is the same. It’s the difference
between where you are in your content strategy and where you
expect your content strategy to take you.
A content gap analysis can be broken into three steps.
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