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The contract for Self-Employed or Freelance Staff Guidelines can be intended for guidance only and not a substitute for professional advice. The guidelines in this file for a contract for self-employed or freelance staff are designed to support those who hold the CDET (Council for Dance Education and Training) Recognised School Award. The content provided may be amended to suit the needs of individual applicants.

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of copyright.
It is important to include this clause, otherwise any documents or information collected or written by the self-
employed / freelance person will be owned, for copyright purposes, by the self-employed / freelance person.
Any future use of the written information will have to be explicitly agreed with the self-employed person if this
clause is not included.
The organisation contact person will be:
[Job Title]      
It is useful to include the contact person for the self-employed / freelance person so if they have any future
queries about the work, they know who to contact.
You could also include a direct telephone number and email address.
(i) The freelancer will conduct her/himself in a proper, skilful and professional manner in accordance with The
Organisations Code of Professional Conduct.
(ii) The freelancer shall not agree any further work with a competitor client (to the organisation) for similar or
related work without first receiving the agreement of the organisation, and shall not solicit further work from
a competitor client directly for similar or related work.
(iii) The freelancer will not (except in the proper course of your duties hereunder) use or divulge or
communicate to any person any confidential information which belongs to the organisation or any
student or teacher.
These principles outline a code of conduct expected of the self-employed / freelance person.
It can be useful to include this principle to make it clear that the self-employed / freelance person should not
use their time working for your organisation to help them get further work with a competitor, or to use the
information gained in the work to help them work with their work with a competitor.
(i) Prior to this contract taking effect, the freelancer will provide The Organisation with appropriate
evidence of independent freelancer’s status or self-employment status. Normally, relevant
correspondence with HMRC will be sufficient.
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Council for Dance Education and Training. Example of Contract for Self-employed or Freelance Staff for Recognised Awards
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