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Contractor Work Order Template is a sample of the construction contract. This template consists of the following sections: Hold Harmless, Assignment of Contract, Change Orders, Lien Waivers, General Guarantee, Permits and Codes, Work Performance, Condition of Premises, Use of Utilities, Use of On-Site Loam, Inspection, Right to Stop Work, Payment Schedule, Contract Security, Contract Security, Liquidated Damages, Taxes, Arbitration, Governing Law, Retention of and Access to Records, Conflict of Interest.

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Procurement and Contracts
Revised March 2013
(For guidance only - change to incorporate specifics of your project)
This agreement is made this <date> by and between <CONTRACTOR>, <ADDRESS>(hereinafter
"Contractor") and <OWNER OF CONTRACT AND ADDRESS> (hereinafter "Owner").
The owner does hereby employ the Contractor to do all the work and provide all the materials, tools,
machinery and supervision necessary for the construction of a <DESCRIPTION OF WORK> in the
<SITE>, the total sum of <AMOUNT>, all in accordance with the drawings, and specifications which
are attached hereto as Exhibit ___ and expressly incorporated herein by reference and made a part
hereof. Reference is made to an accompanying contract with <SUBCONTRACTOR, WHERE
APPLICABLE> which will be <INSERT A DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY> associated with this
The Contractor shall commence the work to be performed within ___ days from the date of the Notice
to Proceed, and shall complete the work ___ days thereafter, or by <DATE>, whichever comes later,
time being of the essence of this contract.
The Contractor shall carry liability insurance with the limits of <AMOUNT> for injury to or death of one
person, <AMOUNT> for injuries or death suffered in one accident and <AMOUNT> property damage
and Workman's Compensation insurance and shall provide Owner with proof of such insurance.
Hold Harmless
The Contractor agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the owner harmless from any liability or claim for
damage because of bodily injury, death, property damage, sickness, disease or loss and expense
arising from the Contractors' negligence in the performance of the construction Contract. Each
Contractor and subcontractor is acting in the capacity of an independent Contractor with respect to
the Owner. The Contractor further agrees to protect, defend and indemnify the Owner from any
claims by laborers, subcontractors or materialmen for unpaid work or labor performed or materials
supplied in connection with the Construction Contract.
Assignment of Contract
The contractor agrees not to assign the Construction Contract without the written consent of the
Change Orders
The Contractor agrees not to make any changes in the schedule of work, design, or of the
specifications without written authorization by the Owner.
Contractor Work Order Template
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